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Alexander Pushkin “I loved you…” (1829) Essay

The sonnet by an exceptional Russian writer Alexander Pushkin â€Å"I adored you†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (1829) is an unadulterated portrayal of the poet’s warm emotions toward a lady who didn't answered on his nearby consideration regarding her excellence and nature (Pushkin). It is an admission of the writer who lives in the environment of dreams about this young lady. In this way, the sonnet under investigation isn't blissful or dismal in portrayal, yet holds a total of Pushkin’s comments on the woman’s magnificence. As a matter of first importance, one should see the structure where the sonnet is executed. It is implied here that Pushkin portrays his emotions as though he perceives that the young lady depicted will never be his any longer. Rather, the adoration for the persona is laid out as yearning for satisfaction of the object of his affection. Second, by â€Å"I would prefer not to dishearten you again† the persona shows an aware mentality toward the affection that passed (Pushkin). Substance and genuineness of the emotions are featured in the strokes underneath. A delicate soul of the writer aches for making bliss in affection genuine for his courageous woman. Third, the persona rejects narrow-mindedness or an in some way or another proceeded with battle for the girl’s love, as he wishes her: â€Å"I implore God award another adoration you so† (Pushkin). This makes the general sonnet look stunning and brimming with the most elevated vibes of a man who falls profoundly infatuated with a lady. To close, Pushkin figured out how to connect the profundities of a reader’s cognizance by utilizing an all around cleaned and succinct portrayal of his own true, warm, and mellow sentiments toward a lady. It makes the great thought of affection progressively extensive to each and every individual who experiences this sonnet just because. Works Cited Pushkin, Alexander. I adored you. 2010. 27 July 2010 <http://www. gel. com. au/koala/seachange/allusion_pushkin. html>.

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Revisiting Day of the Week Effect in Indian Stock Market

What systems can strategy creators utilize to advance fruitful arrangement usage Policies, approach producers and association with history - Essay Example This procedure really includes the interpretation of the destinations of the approach into the framework. It has three essential components which incorporate making obligation or an office who might deal with this new duty. Furthermore, there should be operational principles and rules for the approach program and staff and assets should be facilitated with the goal that the plan of the arrangement is accomplished. Proposition articulation Policy usage is the following stage after selection of a strategy and they represent the deciding moment the arrangement. There will be no impact on society if the approach is rarely executed; anyway this is a mind boggling system that has numerous aspects and elements for progress. Arrangement execution Policies likewise have certain planned and unintended impacts. Expected impacts are those that mean to search out a positive profit by an approach and this could likewise be one of the manners in which that strategies really stay away from the negat ive impacts. That is the reason there is a norm and arrangement creators will consistently contrast their approach against the standard with see whether it is above or underneath the standard. A model could incorporate the approach the State of California executed which prompted the expansion being used of mixture vehicles. The Federal Law gave tax reductions worth $1500 just as extraordinary paths to mixture vehicles which prompted an expansion in the utilization of half and half vehicles and this prompted a beneficial outcome or an expected impact. The legislature made an impact by making a move which was the approach despite the fact that the alternative of ‘high-inhabitance vehicle lanes’ isn't accessible for new half and half vehicles. (Suleiman, 1984) Negative reactions that are not expected are called ‘unintended’ and they are normally on the grounds that strategy making frameworks are generally perplexing. They may set the expense rate so high or so low that this discourages cash from the economy. In this manner the arrangement usage fine brushes the approach activities with the goal that these unintended impacts are dealt with; anyway it is difficult to evacuate the whole negative impacts while execution. (Yates, 1977) Policy making as previously mentioned is where the administration really completes and executes a specific strategy that is received when it is required by the law or something else. The various offices that are liable for the individual approach regions meet up and are given the conventional obligation regarding executing the strategy and this is typically the phase when the bill is not, at this point a bill yet turns into a law. When the legislature has made an open approach, for example, a standard, law, order, resolution or any guideline, the arrangement must be executed and observed, regulated and afterward it ought to be constrained upon society so it achieves the change that strategy creators want it to. The office that is answerable for usage is enabled the ideal assets and to permit the new arrangement to be actualized easily, anyway this is normally not the situation. Be that as it may, for what reason is open approach executed in any case? Open arrangements are executed so that there is some adjustment in the populace with the goal that a specific open issue is settled or if nothing else enhanced at any rate. The difficult will keep on existing until the arrangement is done and once the strategy is actualized, it will be assessed to check whether the outcomes that were wanted are being acquired and further update and implantation can happen. Organizations of organization will do the greater part of crafted by the administration thus they affect the residents of the area and are engaged with approach implementa

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Ap English Rhetoric Analysis Essay Samples

Ap English Rhetoric Analysis Essay SamplesAp English Rhetoric Analysis Essay samples are an amazing source of ideas and expressions that you will find useful when studying or when writing your own AP English Rhetoric essay. You will also learn about how to prepare them to write them in the first place.For every AP English Rhetoric essay sample, it contains a sentence or a paragraph or both. The actual text is the base to a good writing process and there should be clear communication between the writer and the reader. If you go back to the very beginning of the essay, the professor will probably ask you to describe some incidents or actions. In the same way, you need to start from the beginning and find what you can use from the sentences and paragraphs you have written.Many professors in universities or other institutions are also interested in knowing how to prepare and how to analyze their students' English Literature. They will probably also be the ones who are the ones who will o ffer you more advice about the ways in which you can improve your skills.Students who want to master the language and learn about its basic grammar will be able to do so when they study English at the university level. They will need to demonstrate their mastery of the language to get into better colleges and university programs. They can usually get some kind of scholarship if they perform well at the end of their undergraduate studies.There are also people who cannot afford to go to college but they still want to go to university, for them the internet has become their major source of information. Internet is the best place to get different kinds of AP English Rhetoric essay samples and from these you can learn and write your own kind of essay.No matter what your future goals may be, it would be possible to make your application or entrance essay stand out among the rest. But the essay must have a clear connection with your interests and the college needs to see that you are actua lly willing to go through the program.Writing your own AP English Rhetoric essay requires the knowledge of the subject and the correct grammar and punctuation in order to make your paper more effective. You can easily find many free online versions and you can also learn from the examples of successful essays they contain. With this tool you will surely succeed in becoming an AP English Rhetoric essay expert.

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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Essay - 733 Words

The Greatest Man that Ever Lived Everyone has a hero in their lives, someone who they look up to: someone very special. This person plays a very important role in your life. As a child, this person teaches you an array of life lessons that stick with you throughout your whole life, from learning how to walk to buying your first home, this special person guides you in all aspects of life. Throughout your journey in life, this idol’s experience and intelligence are the epitome of persona of which you desire as this mentor continues to bestow their wisdom. As life progresses, this is the person that you long to be at all your special events. The day that they are absent, you ache for their presence to share the occasion with; they are the†¦show more content†¦He tutored me throughout grade school, showing me how to overcome the most impervious problems that tend to multiply as you get older. It seemed as if my grandfather knew everything, and there was nothing that I couldn’t overcome with his gu idance. To me, he was the most knowledgeable man who ever walked the face of the earth. As I grew older, my grandfather played many roles in my life as a counselor, adviser, and continued to be a mentor to me. Whenever I had a problem or needed someone to talk to, my grandfather would be the first person that came to mind. When I bought my first car, he gave me pointers on key deciding factors such as type of vehicle, fuel efficiency, capabilities, engine size, and four-wheel drive versus two-wheel drive. Whenever I had issues with girlfriends, my grandfather always knew the right thing to say. I always relied on my grandfather for nearly everything. At my graduations and special events, he was the one that I wanted to be there the most to make him proud and see the joy in his face when he smiles at me. He showed me how to enjoy life, and how to deal with life’s complications. He is always there for me, even though he is no longer around. There comes a point in everyoneâ€⠄¢s lives that the person is no longer around. It is the completion of life, the end of a great book. Just like the anticipation of reading the end of the last chapter, craving for it to continue because you are so indulged inShow MoreRelated2020: A Not-So-Spacey Odyssey Essay1158 Words   |  5 Pages2020 – A Not-So-Spacey Odyssey The year is 2020 and mankind is reeling from global war. No continent has escaped the devastating effects as man has, in effect, turned on himself and effected his own destruction. Homes on every street house the ill and dying. Youths struggle to survive and turn ever more to the government for aid and assistance. The cycle repeats itself until the inevitable. One day, society must implode, collapse on itself. The residents of Earth can only hope forRead More Henry Thoreau Essay540 Words   |  3 Pages Born in 1817, in Concord, Henry David Thoreau became one of the greatest writers among the American Renaissance. Thoreau based his whole philosophy on the fact that man needed to get rid of material things in order to be an individual. An exquisitely educated man, Thoreau went to Harvard, which placed heavy emphasis on the classics. Thoreau studied a curriculum that included grammar and composition, mathematics, English, history, and various philosophies. He also spoke fl uently in Italian, FrenchRead MoreAnalysis Of Mark Twain s The Great Gatsby 974 Words   |  4 Pagescomes to American Literature. Twain lived in many different places in his life time, thus his works had roots in many different areas of American Culture. From a silver prospector to a printing press worker, he held many different jobs in these locations. He is also regarded as one of the greatest humorists of American Literature. In fact, his works were considered to have no place in literature by many experts until the 1910’s. He is regarded as one of the greatest American authors of all time. AndRead More Mozart Essay663 Words   |  3 Pages MOZART nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Mozart is perhaps the greatest musical genius who ever lived. Mozart s full name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Most people called him Mozart or Wolfgang. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Mozart is the greatest musical child prodigy who ever lived. He began composing minuets at the age of 5 and symphonies at age 9. His father took him on a series of concert tours together with his sister, Maria Anna;Read MoreEssay on Bruce Lee1331 Words   |  6 PagesPhoebe, his older brother Peter, and later to be joined his little brother Robert. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Bruce grew up in a very crowded house. He lived in a two bedroom flat. Upon the death of Mr. Lees brother, he, as in Chinese custom, had to taken in his whole brothers Family and had to be the provider. This meant nearly 20 people lived in the flat. It was through his fathers connection that Bruce ultimately became a child film star. His own acting ability was clear from the beginningRead MoreIn The Years Before Abraham Lincoln Was Elected The Sixteenth1535 Words   |  7 Pagesworld had lived in an era that emphasized individualism, emotion, and nature. This era was called the â€Å"Romantic era†, or â€Å"Romanticism† as it is known today. Partially due to the Industrial Revolution, men and women had become intrigued by the advances in political structures and the rationalization of nature. This led to the rise of not only advancement in scientific endeavors and political evolution, Romanticism helped give birth to some of the greatest literary writers who have ever lived. From famousRead MoreThe Greatest Dramatists Of The Great Composers1718 Words   |  7 PagesHe was an undersized little man, with a head too big for his body — a sickly little man. His nerves were bad. He had skin trouble. It was agony for him to wear anything next to his skin coarser than silk. And he had delusions of grandeur. He was a monster of conceit. Never for one minute did he look at the world or at people, except in relation to himself. He was not only the most important person in the world, to himself; in his own eyes he was the only person who existed. He believed himselfRead More HERO Essay567 Words   |  3 Pages HERO nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The true definition of hero is a man of distinguished valor. Bravery, courage, intrepidity, boldness, daring, and prowess in war are a heroes characteristics. However a hero is understood to be different to everyone. To one person he may be the greatest being who ever lived, but to another he may just be a normal, average man. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;For example, a child who has lost his poor puppy may think of it’s rescuer as a savior. His hero could beRead MoreLeonardo Da Vinci : The Italian Renaissance Polymath1114 Words   |  5 Pagesdrawings and cartoons by Leonardo da Vinci Still exist. Mona Lisa is The greatest art by Leonardo and widely recognized as the greatest painting of all time. The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a peasant woman. Usually wealthy royalty or rich merchants would ask for a portrait and Leonardo would never even start it. For some reason Leonardo accepted a commission of a peasant. Leonardo is one of the greatest artists to ever live. His master pieces will be remembered through history. EquallyRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Life And Life1307 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Shakespeare s life was very interesting, to say the least about him. â€Å"An English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare is often considered the greatest dramatist the world has ever known and the most recognized poet in the English language† (Lindaman). From a very young age, William was a very bright kid, who had gained a love for theater. Ever since that love as a kid, it only grew stronger. Not only did he have a love for theater, but also poetry. Throughout Shakespeare’s life family has been

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The Art of Taxidermy and Why it Should Be Considered an Art

The Art of Taxidermy and Why it Should Be Considered an Art â€Å"Let’s say you’re watching an old horror movie, one about a crazy madman who lives in a spooky house up on a hill. Local kids will become curious and decide to step foot into the house. The majority of the time the creepy man will have two things; paintings with the eyes cut out and a nice collection of mounted animals to give intruders a sense of fear. Then all of a sudden lightning flashes and a growling black bear is lit up, sending the kids screaming into the front yard† (Bryant). It turns out that terrifying black bear is actually a valuable piece of artwork. Taxidermy has been an underrated art form throughout its history and it does not get the recognition it†¦show more content†¦With this being said, whether or not one uses a specimen for science, or for a trophy, it is still in a sense, a piece of artwork. Frederic Lucas, a former natural historian, taxidermist, and the Direc tor of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York said in 1927 that, â€Å"In spite of the thousands of words†¦ recorded in our ponderous dictionaries, there are some that still to be needed, among them one to define the modern taxidermist†¦ whose work can only be considered as art because it’s certainly not nature† (Xu). Lucas had a difficult time trying to give taxidermy a place in the art world yet taxidermy uses many principles of art such as painting and sculpting. Amy Stein, a New York based photographer who uses taxidermy in much of her work argued that clients and their trophies relate to art. â€Å"People who have taxidermied animals usually have more than one; it’s the evidence of their success. It is art collecting in a sense† (Xu). Art lovers all around the world collect the art work that they prefer whether it is painting, drawing, pottery, etc. Why not fit taxidermy in there among them? Seth Smith, owner of Wil dlife Expressions Taxidermy, a commercial taxidermist business, was asked what the criteria is for a good mount. He believes it should be as â€Å"Lifelike as much as possible. Customers want it to look as original as possible† (Smith Interview). Indeed, extraordinary taxidermy is qualified as being able to make a specimenShow MoreRelatedDo Tattoos Make A Mark On More Than Just Your Skin?4666 Words   |  19 Pagesevolving. There are currently 987 registered tattoo studios in Australia employing more than 2000 staff, many tattoo artists within Australia have a social media following on Facebook and Instagram of over 200,000 people and The Australian Tattoo Body Art Expo is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere with over 40,000 visitors attending each year. I investigated my topic using a variety of primary research and secondary research methodologies; a questionnaire with open and closed endedRead MoreMary and Max9879 Words   |  40 PagesOver time, Marys increasingly sensitive questions about the adult world give Max progressively worse anxiety attacks, and he is ultimately institutionalized. During his time there, Max is diagnosed with depression and Asperger syndrome. Now aware of why he has difficulty relating to other people, Max finds a new lease on life and resumes his correspondence with Mary. The two remain friends for the next two decades, keeping one another updated on various events in their lives. Mary (Toni Colette), inspired

International Journal Business Innovation -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The International Journal Business Innovation? Answer: Introduction: Home videos are the pre-recorded videos meant for home-based entertainment. Home videos are either sold or rented or streamed in digital media. The home video market is distributed over films, television-films and various television series in the form of pre-recorded videos in multiple formats to the worldwide public. A video rental market is a market for the home videos. Along with time, people have tended towards the entertainment media more, and the demand in video rental marketing is increasing. Around the decade of 80-90, Blockbuster video had been the crownless king in the world of the home video rental market in the United States, and the worldwide distribution of the home videos had dominated the whole market. Around in the year of 1997, new start-up company Netflix came up on online video rental service and slowly started dominating the market and outshined Blockbuster soon, followed by the bankruptcy and downfall of once famous Blockbuster LLC (Netflix Media Center 2018). T he report takes the case study of Blockbuster LLC and Netflix and analyses the probable reasons for Netflixs rapid growth and Blockbusters rapid downfall to interpret how Netflix was able to beat Blockbuster. The report contains a brief description of both the companies. It elaborates on the probable reasons for Netflix outshining Blockbuster video from four different aspects of technological changes, offline and online retailing strategy, the difference in pricing and the innovations incorporated in Netflix time-to-time. The report further discusses the ups and downs witnessed by Netflix at the time of introducing new DVD rental strategy and also elaborates on the new content introduced by the company named Netflix original. The report also discusses the future of Netflix. Institutional Background: Blockbuster LLC, previously known as Blockbuster Entertainment, Inc., is an American based home entertainment provider. Blockbuster provides home-based entertainment and video games through video shops, streaming in digital media, video-on-demand and various theatres. Blockbuster had started its journey along with another company named Cook Data services founded by David Cook with the objective of supplying software services to the oil and gas industries. In 1985, the old software service was sold and in place of that, the video rental business was found (Greenberg 2010). Blockbuster kept on growing and eventually became a multibillion-dollar company within the year of 1993. In 2010, blockbuster owned almost 6500 stores all over the world. However, in that year only, the company was reported to be bankrupt, and many of the stores were closed. In the year of 2011, Dish Network bought the company at the worth of $329 million (, 2018). Dish network continued streaming blockbu ster video-on-demand services and tried to revive the market of the company by incorporating new technologies and strategies. However, blockbuster survived, and the official website currently has identified 51-franchise location active in the United States, and although the Blockbuster-video on-demand package has been shut down, the television package is still running under the banner of the new name of Dish network. Brief overview of Netflix: Netflix is a popular video rental service provider purposed for mainly home entertainment services. It is an American company established in Scotts Valley of California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in the year of 1997, August. In the year of 1998, the first official rental site of the company has been launched, and the service incorporated the pay-per-rent model similar to the rival companies (Netflix Media Center 2018). It introduced a change in the marketing strategy and introduced monthly subscription service after a year. Incorporation of new technologies along with the different revised approaches let the company witness the growth in a swift way, and Netflix started reigning in the video rental market soon. The company started introducing video recommendation scheme and maintained an extensive personalization system. In the year of 2007, it incorporated the idea of streaming on the internet along with the concept of video on demand. Netflix also introduced Netflix Origina ls, the content which is entirely produced and distributed exclusively by the company itself. By the time the company spread its wings throughout the world and became popular in the countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Latin America, Caribbean, Canada, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Australia, New-Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Italy and it has almost 50 million members in a global count. Reasons of Netflix Beating Blockbuster: When Netflix came up first in the video rental market, Blockbuster was the crownless king in the world of video rental services. Still, within a decade where Netflix witnessed a significant uplift, Blockbuster lost its existence followed by bankruptcy. The reasons that have been observed behind this change are addressed in the following sections. Technological aspect: Technology in Blockbuster: The first reason that is observed to be responsible for the fall of Blockbuster is its inability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing technological trends. Blockbuster had emphasized mainly on the brick-and-mortar model. Before 2004, Blockbuster had operated mostly in the physical stores for video rental service. Though online DVD subscription was introduced in 2004, primarily to compete with the then-growing company Netflix, the primary target was always the physical market rather than the virtual market (Brescia et al 2014). Along with time, the lack of flexibility in the technical ground and inability to adapt in the era of digitalization using strategic reformatting strategy compelled blockbuster to lag behind in the accounting despite its desperate trails to revive using new online strategy. Technology in Netflix: Netflix had started as a simple DVD rental service. However, it became adaptive with the technological trend and evolved digitally to grow in the market. From the first, Netflix offered online DVD rental service via mail rather than a brick-and-mortar structure. With the growth in the area of the internet, Netflix started the service of screaming using Microsoft technologies and codecs. Adaptive bitrate streaming is incorporated into Netflix to adjust the quality of audio-visual synchronization to match the broadband speed of the customer (McDonald and Smith-Rowsey 2016). Netflix maintains a user-friendly public application-programming interface (API). Along with time, Netflix has developed several technologies to evolve itself in the field of IT. With the latest trend of data analytics, Netflix has incorporated robust algorithms of the movie-recommendation system (Hallinan and Striphas 2016). Therefore, from the aspect of technical evolution with time, Blockbuster has lagged far behind from Netflix. Retail outlets versus operating online: Retail marketing in blockbuster: Blockbuster video was mainly based on retail outlets rather than trying to step in the digitalization. It has been reported that blockbuster video had rejected several offers of buying Netflix for $50 million back in 2005 when the company was still a less-known and simple rental by mail subscription service trying to spread online (Phillips 2015). Rather than working on the online retailing more, Blockbuster concentrated on developing the bricks and mortar market by increasing the stock of books, toys and merchandise. Though the physical shops and retail marketing have some benefits like availability, in the era of technological development it faces certain difficulties as well. Some of those disadvantages that affected Blockbuster videos badly are: Location-based marketing: When the online retailing is available, not more of the customers want to visit shop locations and to spend more money to buy a video while the option of watching the same videos from home (Kohijoki and Marjanen 2013). The company did not ponder over this point and did not revolve accordingly. Lower profit margin: Blockbusters profit margin was not enough to sustain the worldwide-distributed market facilities and staffing levels (Dunne, Lusch and Carver 2013). It became a hurdle to maintain the broad distribution. Customer management: Due to the impersonal communication between the customer and the retailers, the management of Blockbuster could not maintain the synchronization with the customer feedback and because of that, the business could not improve itself according to the trend of the customer (Pauwels and Neslin 2015). Online operation of Netflix: Netflix started its business from the basic mail rental service for videos, and along with time, the company concentrated on the online service. There are certain advantages of online retailing that helped Netflix to grow up more. The benefits of retailing online that profited Netflix in various aspects are: Easy access to market: The customers found it easier to get their home-based entertainment right in the home via online media than to go to the location-based market to get the videos. This way, online retailing and rental service via mail helped Netflix to grow up at a fast pace. Reduced overheads: Netflix enabled the online operation of handling consumers that could remove expenses of staff management and other location-market based management along with opening the facilities of better visualization for customers in online interfaces via smart e-commerce technology (Laudon and Traver 2013). The potential for rapid growth: One of the main reasons for Netflixs rapid growth in the video rental market is its online retailing. The mechanism of marketing and retailing on the internet gives the facility of overcoming the traditional constraints of brick and mortar market (Liu, Li and Hu 2013). Online marketing management gives a better opportunity for making a proper digital marketing strategy and scales up order fulfilling systems to the company, which boosts the profit. Extensive Market: One of the major advantages of the online operation of Netflix over the conventional location-based retailing system is the ability to expand the market for the target customer in the whole world in a high speed and to overcome the constraints of restricting in the limit of the local customers (Kacen, Hess and Chiang 2013). The management got an opportunity to invent as demand for the same type of videos in other countries, which the company could respond to by targeted marketing, introducing and recommending different types of videos, which are compatible with the particular countrys cultural and social background and matches with the mindset of the audience. Customer Dealing with Intelligence: Netflix enabled online marketing tools along with their targeted audience as well as customers. The management also could take advantage of website analysis tools to understand the mindset of the target audience and to fill their need accordingly (Rafiq, Fulford and Lu 2013). Pricing strategies of Netflix and Blockbuster: The difference between the pricing strategies of the two companies played a significant role in the growth of Netflix followed by a downfall of Blockbuster. Blockbusters pricing old and conventional pricing strategy did not attract the customers more when they found a better choice in front of them at a comparatively reasonable price. Blockbuster pricing: The conventional business model that Blockbuster had adapted in the first days was to pay a hefty flat fee per video unit purchased or rented. The price used to be $65 on average. There had been various offers of unlimited rental for the lifetime. In the mid of 1980, a new revenue policy was introduced, and Blockbuster started obtaining videos for lesser cost and started keeping 60% of rental fee, and 40% was paid in the studio (Dana and Dana 2017). The company also ventured on the fact that movies are not available to purchase before the release, hence the customers were compelled to rent first and to wait for release or to buy the film on tape in higher cost suggested by the manufacturer. Sometimes, the cost had been $70 to $100 per movie title. The rate was indeed high for the typical target audience. Netflix pricing: Earlier in 1998, Netflix had adopted a per rental charge model along with the shipping charges in their DVD-by-Mail services. It was observed that this model is spending almost $100 to $200 to the customer for no reason (Nagle, Hogan and Zale 2016). To solve this problem, a prepaid subscription-based model was introduced by the company. In the new model, the company offered the facility of unlimited videos per month in a specific price subscription, which became a big hit among the users. After that Netflix came up with a new model named all you can eat which included the late fee subscription and became an alternative to the payment per day fee structure. In the US, currently, Netflix has enabled three-price tier model. While the basic plan of the tier model costs $7.99 per month, the standard plan costs $9.99 and the premium package is priced $11.99 each. For the international target audience, the price plans cost from $6 to $19 per month (McGoogan 2018). With the change of taxes, Netflix is compelled to increase the price sometimes. However, for the typical audience, Netflixs pricing strategy is highly reasonable, and hence it can attract more subscribers. Netflixs innovations: One of the main reasons for the rapid increase in the market of Netflix is the innovation strategy. Netflix is a disruptive, innovative organization, which introduces new technologies periodically to keep on growing more. Back in 2001, almost $10 million a year had been allotted to the research team ( 2018). Even today, a large amount of Netflixs revenue is spent on the research team to develop new algorithms mainly on recommendation system (Gomez-Uribe and Hunt 2016). The latest approach that has been incorporated is the technology of fixing the level of compression based on the content of a particular scene by applying dynamic optimization technique to the video processing (Cousins 2015). Vicissitudes faced by Netflix as a dominating provider of online video streaming: During the first days of Netflix, it was a mail-based retailer. Along with time and further online application developments, Netflix kept on running the mail rental service too. However, in the year of 2011, Netflix decided to split out and rebrand the DVD renting by demand-on-mail service as Qwikster service. It was declared that the re-branded service with the new name Qwikster would even introduce video game rental service. The combined subscription of both the services was divided into two separate plans at $7.99 each from the integrated subscription cost of $9.99 (Ryan 2013). However, the idea was never praised, rather the decision of splitting the services was criticized by different eminent business personalities. It was noticed that the split website Netflix would generate two sites that can be completely autonomous from each other and will create a mismatch in case of ratings, reviews, and queues maintained for customer service (Venkatesan et al. 2017). It would also have re quired separate user accounts, which might become an extra hazard for the customers. Additionally, it was also observed that the different websites might need separate subscriptions for a single user, which means the DVD-by-mail and streaming service would now cost US$16 per month as a total instead of than $10 (Ryan 2013). The sudden increase in price for the change in marketing strategy was obviously not going to entertain the users. Moreover, customers were comfortable with the old set-up, and the sudden change in no reason created confusions among the customers, which were not at all a good sign for the marketing. After Qwikster, the new scheme of DVD renting was released, the revenue graph of Netflix suddenly dropped. The stock of the company started stumbling. At the end of the year, it was noticed that more than 70% of the share price of Netflix was down in share market, which was quite a shocking report for the management (Allen, Feils, and Disbrow 2014). On October 10, 2011, seeing the downfall of the newly released project, Netflix announced that the management would not continue with the planned re-branding of the DVD rental service and both the DVD-by-mail and streaming services would keep on working through a single website under the same Netflix brand like before (Cronin 2014). However, the hike in pricing was never resolved resulting in the loss of subscribers. Netflix further stated that it had lost almost 800,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011, and the introduction of Qwicker was responsible for it (Hoffman 2013). Trial of rebuilding Netflix again: Introducing Netflix original: In March of 2011, Netflix started its new venture on Netflix original; the content produced and distributed by the company itself exclusively. The first original show in Netflix was an hour-long political drama named House of Cards, which became popular among viewers (Netflix Media Center 2018). Along with time, the standard of the content and the popularity of the original shows kept on increasing, and from a recent survey it had been reported that Netflix won the voting pole as the best original media content. Netflix acquired almost 29% vote of the audience, while the other media was in the range of 5%-18% ( 2018). It is understandable that how the original content in Netflix will help the company to increase the number of the subscribers. It has been reported from an investment bank survey that almost 58% of the total subscribers of Netflix pay for the original shows ( 2018). It has been reported that Netflix has spent about $5 billion on their original conten t in 2016 and it will be investing more on its original shows in future and will increase the subscription charges for the significant numbers of audiences of the original shows at the end of their two-year grace period ( 2018). Future of Netflix: The company is analysing the status of the market currently and is preparing itself accordingly for future to take the risk and evolve so that it survives the changes in the market. Since the competition in the video rental market is increasing along with time, and various rental service companies have taken the same policy of Netflixs business model, Netflix is going to make another vast change in its business-law. It has been noted that Netflix has decided to shift from the online streaming service company to a full-fledged entertainment channel, which will be operating across multiple mediums (Lobato 2017). Along with the normal full-length movies and other popular series, Netflix has started opting for anime series and has already invested a lot behind it. It has been also reported, that Netflix is thinking to launch 20 reality TV-based unscripted shows soon in order to expand the business internationally ( 2018). To grow more globally, Netflix already incorporated 20 d ifferent languages of different countries through proper subtitles or via dubbing. While the network of Netflix in Latin America is growing rapidly and the network in Europe is also showing a healthy growth, currently Netflix is targeting to grab the large market of Asia. Conclusion: From the above discussion, it can be stated as a conclusion that the main reason for the demise of Blockbuster is their inability to adapt to the changing world of digitalization. Blockbuster emphasized more on their brick and mortar structure than the online marketing, which slowly distracted the viewers with the trend of internet entertainment becoming popular in the market while the revised online marketing strategy of Netflix helped it to grow fast. The incorporation of new technologies and innovations of Netflix became a market booster. Along with it, the report also states how the pricing strategy of Netflix helped in increasing the subscribers while Blockbusters traditional pricing method started losing the customers. Along with this, the report has mentioned about the pitfalls of newly Qwikster project of Netflix, which became a pitfall for the company and have discussed on how the introduction of Netflix videos have increased the subscriber and opened a new horizon of opport unity for the development of the company. In the end, the report has stated that Netflix is going to shift their focus from the streaming service to an entertainment channel as their new model of a revised business strategy. References: Allen, G., Feils, D. and Disbrow, H., 2014. The rise and fall of Netflix: what happened and where will it go from here?.Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies,20(1), p.135. 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Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Developement Essays - Child Development

Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Developement There are two classical theories of cognitive development. The one that I will focus on is Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Jean Piaget, a Swiss, educated, mollusk biologist lived from 1896 to 1980. He hypothesized that learning is a physical, biological function of dealing with successfully with the environment. (Phillips, 1998) This is the basis for his theory. Looking at Piaget's theory of cognitive development in more detail we find that he based it on two biological tendencies. The two tendencies are organization, and adaption. Organization as Piaget saw it said that humans are designed to organize their observations and experiences into coherent sets of meanings. ( Eggen, 1999) This organization of observation makes the thinking process more efficient. If a person can put the things they observe in some sort of order the easier it is to remember and apply their observations. If we did not organize our observations and experiences we would have little bits of information floating around in our brains with no connection between them. Adaption is according to Piaget's theory is the tendency to adjust to the environment. Adaption is a process by which we create matches between our original observations and new ones that might not exactly fit together. Our original observations and conceptions are called our schemas. To adapt to new observations and experiences into our schemas we use one of two techniques. We can assimilate that information by putting it together with old schemas or conceptions. If the observations don't fit nicely into our existing schemas we use the second of the adaption techniques. We accommodate or change our schema to fit our observation. Piaget never said that our schemas had to be right or wrong. Our schemas are based on our own observations and experiences. ( Eggen, 1999) We adapt to things because we are driven by the urge to have things ?fit together? or to be in what Piaget calls equilibrium. As we use our adaption and organization we constantly get things to fit together. There is other biological functions that also help in cognitive development. Normal growth of a person helps a person to adapt and perceive things better. Social interaction is also a biotic factor in cognitive development. Humans use other humans to check their own schemas with others. We learn to use others thought relationships to help them fit their schemas together better. Piaget used the two biological tendencies and other biological functions of humans to come up with four stages of cognitive development .( Eggen, 1999) Piaget said that each developing human must go through each stage in order. The first stage is the sensory-motor stage. The approximate age of the humans in this stage is birth to 2 years. Piaget says that children learn through manipulating concrete materials. Half-way through this stage the child has the ability to know that when an object leaves their view they don't cease to exist they still are part of the physical world. This is the concept of object permanence. It also allows the child to hold a concept in their mind. The Second stage of Piaget's cognitive development is the pre-operational stage. This stage occurs from 2 - 7 years of age and in it children master many symbols and concrete concepts. In this stage the child is also very egocentric. They have a hard time looking at more than one characteristic of the object their experiencing. In the third stage called the concrete-operational stage, children age 7- 11 start to think logically, learn about the law of conservation, and serial ordering. Conservation is the concept that matter is always the same despite the change in shape of an object. Serial ordering is being able to recognize that things can be put in order. The forth and final stage is the formal-operational stage. From age 12 to adult, learners are able to think abstractly about real objects. They also use reasoning and logic to think abstractly about those objects. In this highest of the stage of development learners start to use complex language forms such as metaphors and the like. There are some weak points of Piaget's theory. The first is that Piaget underestimated children's capabilities. Most children mover through the first two stages much faster than Piaget said they would. On the other hand the last two stages Piaget overestimated the abilities of humans to master the stage. We must realize that because of